- Col. Ferdinand Van Derveer Commanding Officer, 35th OVI.
The 35th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, also known as “The Persimmon Regiment”, was organized in the autumn of 1861 to serve for the Union Army during the Civil War. This new regiment formed in Hamilton, Ohio and most of the 900 men who served came from various parts of Butler, Preble, and Warren Counties in southwest Ohio. Colonel Ferdinand Van Derveer was selected as the commanding officer and the regiment mustered in for duty with a three year enlistment.
They were involved in major engagements of the Western Theater of the Civil War including the Battles of Chickamauga, Kenesaw Mountain, and Missionary Ridge as well as the campaign leading to the Battle of Mill Springs, the Siege of Corinth, chasing Bragg through Kentucky, defending Chattanooga, and marching to Atlanta. Among those that they served under were Major Generals George Henry Thomas and William Tecumseh Sherman.
The regiment faced severe fighting at Chickamauga in September of 1863 and were nearly decimated while sustaining heavy losses of nearly half of their remaining number. The 35th mustered out of service in August of 1864 at Chattanooga, Tennessee and most of the survivors chose to go home knowing that the war was nearly over. At least forty of them continued to serve in some capacity for the remainder of the war due to the fact that some of them signed up later and still had time remaining on their enlistment. Some of the others re-enlisted and were assigned to the reorganized 18th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry. Some became commissioned officers in new regiments.
It is a known fact that the tough and brave men of the 35th Ohio never turned its back upon the enemy and was never driven from the field of battle.
History of the OVCWA’s 35th Ohio Infantry
The 35th Ohio Volunteer Infantry reenacting group was formed in 1975. The founding members chose to represent Company “G” of the 35th because many of them lived in the area that the original 35th was recruited. Thirty-five years later, the group has stood the test of time and weathered many obstacles that the reenacting hobby has had to endure. 2010 will be the 35th anniversary of the 35th!
New members were mustered in along the way, and in 1997, the company became part of the new Ohio Valley Civil War Association and expanded their Civil War portrayal to include artillery. The 35th is involved in battle reenactments and specializes in conducting Living History programs for the public at various events throughout the year. Known for their exemplary drill and presence on the field as well as authenticity, the 35th has participated in several events over the years at National Military Battlefields including Gettysburg, Shiloh, Antietam, Franklin, Stones River, and Chickamauga. Many of the members have been in major motion picture films such as “North and South”, “Glory”, and “The Blue and the Grey”.
- Darrell Reel, Richard Hapner, and Dave Schrodi (seated)
- The 35th Ohio Infantry in 1980
- The 35th Ohio Infantry in 2009
-The 35th at Glendower, August 2008. (L to R) Spencer, Jake Spanger, C. Mitchell, Fuller, Coffman, Bradford, Joe Spangler, Guy, T. Mitchell, and Pastor.
- "Charge- Bayonets!"
- "Company, Front Rank- FIRE!"
- Captain Roush conducts a weapons inspection of the front rank. Glendower in 2009
- The 35th OVI at Glendower in 2009 accompanied by a few members of the Western Independent Grays